SoMe Docs Writers Conference for Healthcare Professionals

I remember my first writer's conference for healthcare professionals. I sat in the front of the room and took copious notes. I kept thinking, I hope I can make this happen-- writing and medicine together. Years later, I get to be part of this conference! SoMe docs has a great lineup in store. I'm looking forward to moderating the publishing panel on April 7. You can signup here:

How can fiction express trauma, both lived and witnessed? From “telling it slant” to employing metaphor and rhythm, to imbuing the very landscape with disturbance, fiction permits us to animate trauma in amazing ways. Drawing upon our collective experience as writers, editors, emergency room physicians, and members of the Latinx diaspora, we will describe our own approaches and that of other authors to writing about trauma.

Many people turn to the written word to exorcise experiences of trauma. But between the impulse and its expression, there is the matter of how to frame and shape the story, and what words to use.

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